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Sodexo offers a wide range of services that improve the quality of  life of its clients. Our services serve as effective human resource solutions, incentive and recognition tool that drives organizational performance. From Sodexo Food Pass that will allows your employees to buy a good lunch from a wide array of restaurants and food establishments they can choose  to Sodexo Gift Pass, Indonesia's No. 1 Gift Voucher,  accepted in more than 14,000 outlets nationwide.

Sodexo can help you design and match your incentive and recognition programs that is suitable with your organizational mission, goals and values. We can simplify your life and take away the hassle of finding the right reward for employees  or customers that works.


11/04/2016 | Employee Engagement Survey 2016

Only employees with minimum 6 months working period in Sodexo that will be able to participate

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06/03/2016 | Health Education Seminar by Prodia and POI

Always keep your mind and body healthier by doing workout routines and having healthy eating habits

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23/02/2016 | Sodexo Town Hall Meeting (Fun Day at Work)

On Friday, February 19th, 2016, Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Indonesia held a fun employee activities

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Elegance Shopping Voucher Sodexo Gift Pass

« In the beginning, I have planned to give my Sodexo Gift Pass Voucher to my nephew and cousins as Lebaran Gifts. Sodexo Gift Pass Voucher is elegance to use as a gift, especially for Lebaran, rather than giving them cash that common in use.»

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