I want keep my talent motivated

The combined action of incentives and rewards can be used to create a positive cycle of ever-increasing employee engagement and motivation, with resulting improvements in job performance on both the individual and organizational levels. Furthermore, it helps in increasing employee loyalty towards the company, thus leading to a more satisfied and sustainable work force.

Non-cash incentives and recognition, in particular, lead to better results due to the following:

  • Companies can offer more for less by optimizing perceived value

  • Participants will be proud to have won these rewards and will tell their friends

  • Memorable experience, making the participant think of the giver every time they think about or use their rewards

Sodexo Gift Pass

The perfect solution for your gifting needs, either for your employee, colleague, and customer


Sodexo Loyalty Program

A specially design loyalty program that enable you to maintain and engage with your loyal customers


Sodexo Promo Pass

Tailor made voucher for your marketing campaign, provides benefit for selected product


Sodexo Reward Pass

Affordable gift voucher, the perfect choice for your gifting needs with an economical price.


Sodexo Discount Pass

Flexible and creative gift card solution. It designed to help you increase performance and loyalty


Sodexo Food Pass

Prepaid meal voucher is given by company or organization to their employees as an HR benefit

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