Sodexo Discount Pass

Sodexo Discount Pass

Sodexo discount pass is a flexible and creative gift card solution designed to help you increase performance and loyalty

A card that also offers simple and effective tools to motivate and reward your team, customers, communities, school, vendors, prospective clients and many more. Also can be used as ID card, with more benefits in it.

Provide a unique, creative and customizable card, that will increase image of the organization and bring value to the users (members/employees).

Sodexo Discount Pass can be tailored to meet a client's profile and expectations. The unique features of Sodexo Discount Pass helps organizations to achieve all their corporate gifts or identity card requirements.

Sodexo Discount Pass benefits are:

  • Sodexo will provide free design service for you
  • The card’s front side belong to our client. You  could place your company’s logo, employee pictures, etc to suits your needs
  • 1 year validity period
  • More than a card as it provides additional purchasing power to your employees
  • Easy to use, you only need to present Sodexo Discount Card before transaction to enjoy the privilege
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