Sodexo ePass

Sodexo ePass

The first and only Electronic Shopping Voucher accepted in many online shopping sites and offline stores in Indonesia.

Sodexo ePass is our latest innovation that will help you minimizing your time and effort in designing a powerful Marketing program thus makes it a perfect cost saving solution for your consumer and sales channels reward program.

1. Accepted in more than 20 best online shopping sites in Indonesia and can be used to purchase various products starting from fashion, electronics  to food and beverages.  You will save a lot of time in contacting various vendor to provide the same flexibility as Sodexo ePass.

2. Minimize your distribution cost as the voucher code can be sent directly to consumers’ email address or mobile phone (SMS).

3. No more hassle of finding lost items / goods through your courier services, therefore, eliminating unnecessary complaint.

4. Increase your brand awareness through personalisation services, with company logo and messages.

5. Adaptable to your Marketing budget as Sodexo ePass denomination is very flexible starting from IDR 10.000 to IDR 500.000 per voucher code.

6. Fast and easy ordering process, Sodexo ePass will be sent to you or your consumers within 1 x 24 hours after the payment has been confirmed by Sodexo.

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