Sodexo Food Pass

Sodexo Food Pass

Company benefits to employees that provide access to various food and beverage merchants, ranging from street vendor until restaurant near your office

Sodexo Food Pass is a system for employees that help companies create a unified system of meal allowance for employees and make it possible to choose meal themselves.

Sodexo Food Pass promotes the well-being of your employees by giving them proper lunch breaks that allow them to be disconnected from their working environment, as well as foster team spirit by encouraging them to have meals together.

Your employees can choose from a wide-range of food establishments that you can tailor according to their needs.

The Sodexo Solution advantages are:

•   We can TAILOR-MAKE and accredit your preferred food establishments nearby.
•   We can CUSTOMIZE voucher denominations to your needs
•   We can PERSONALIZE CORPORATE MESSAGE with your company logo
•   We can SIMPLIFY your life with our HASSLE-free and easy to administer employee benefit solution.

What are the benefit for your employees?

•   Promote wellness in your office by making sure that employees have full meal everyday and that your budget is spent on meal
•   Freedom to chose, from street vendor surrounding your office area to well known restaurants
•   Accepted at over 1,382 outlets nationwide
•   Wide coverage network includes restaurants, cafes, bakeries, fast food joints, ice cream parlors, etc
•   Special promotional offers and value deal through out the years
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