Sodexo Gift Pass

Sodexo Gift Pass

Indonesia's no. 1 gift voucher that accepted in more than 18,000 outlets nationwide.

Sodexo Gift Pass is the perfect motivational tool for your employees and customers, with access to various type of merchant such as Hypermarket, Department Store, Hotel, Restaurants, and many others.

Sodexo Gift Pass voucher, an innovative solutions for Employee gifting programs (Festival & Special days, Company anniversary, etc), Incentives & Recognition Programs (Performance incentive,etc) and Corporate Gifting Programs: (Channel Promotion, Product Promotion, etc)

Sodexo Gift Pass benefits are:

1. Satisfaction Guarantee

The ideal gift is one that everyone can choose according to your personal taste. Therefore, Sodexo Gift Pass guarantee 100% accuracy in choosing the gift, ensuring the satisfaction of their employees or business partner in any occasion

2. Motivate Team

Recognize and increases staff motivation and contributes to retaining talent. According to surveys, 69% of employees claim that the benefits and incentives received are the reason to stay loyal to the company *; More easily - this solution generates more practical for day to day of your company: avoiding extra costs quoted, logistics and storage of gifts

3. Convenience

Sodexo Gift  Pass complete with exclusive envelope and merchant directory as guidance where recipients can use their vouchers

4. Increased Profitability

The working environment and well-being of employees are directly related to the growth of the company, because employees produce more and better prepared. Using solutions like Sodexo Gift Pass, make the team feel important, increasing engagement and improving outcomes.


* Source: Buck Consultants - Global Wellness Survei. 

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