Sodexo Reward Pass

Sodexo Reward Pass

Sodexo Reward Pass suits different people regardless of their individual needs.

The most economical choice that provide your employees or customers access to wide range of shopping, dining, and leisure experience.

Sodexo Reward Pass a wide range of choices which increases the value of reward and also respects individual preferences of the recipients.

The Sodexo solution advantages are:

  • Freedom of Choice
    Freedom to choose from thousands of product and service categories including Jewellery, Home Appliances, Electronic Goods, Food & Beverages and many more.

  • Flexible Gift
    Redemption as per convenience with validity of 1 calendar year.

  • No Administration Fee
    We provide free of administration fee for every Sodexo Reward Pass purchase.

  • Easy to Use
    Voucher redemption without requiring any id or validation.

  • Easy to Order
    You can order Sodexo Reward Pass by simply call us at our  (021) 789 1600 or by emailing us at

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