I want to have freedom to choose a gift for myself

When you receive a gift from the company, you are confronted to a situation to accept as it is. Imagine when you are given freedom to choose the desirable gift appropriate to your preferences and needs, it will be more memorable gift.

Sodexo Services allows you to  choose your own special gifts from various categories such as restaurants, clothes, shopping, household items, holiday, etc.

Sodexo Gift Pass

The perfect solution for your gifting needs, either for your employee, colleague, and customer


Sodexo Reward Pass

Affordable gift voucher, the perfect choice for your gifting needs with an economical price.


Sodexo Food Pass

Prepaid meal voucher is given by company or organization to their employees as an HR benefit


Sodexo Discount Pass

Flexible and creative gift card solution. It designed to help you increase performance and loyalty

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