Sodexo Discount Pass

Sodexo Discount Pass

Discounts are fantastic benefit and you are so special, Let's start saving now!

Sodexo provide various types of merchants which offer discounts on their products. Just show your Sodexo Discount Pass card and enjoy saving money 

Sodexo Discount Pass allow you to enjoy discount in Sodexo merchant's outlet. Sodexo Discount Pass has the validity up to  1 year so you can enjoy the products and services anytime in your convenient time.

1. Where can I use my Sodexo Discount Card?

Sodexo Discount Card can be used almost 100 outlets nation wide.For more information, you can call (021) 789 1600.

2. Is it convertible to cash?

Sodexo Discount Pass is not convertible to cash.

3 How much discount can i get with Sodexo Discount Card?

Discount rate vary between merchant, for more information you can call (021) 789 1600

4. What should I do when my Sodexo Discount Card were denied by merchant?

All store managers are trained to handled customers who use Sodexo Discount Card or you can contact Sodexo customer services  at (021) 789 1600. 

Customer Service (021) 789 1600
24 hour service (021) 780 1859