Sodexo Food Pass

Sodexo Food Pass

Freedom to enjoy lunch with colleagues at favourite places

With Sodexo Food Pass, control your spending on lunch time: more quality of life and healthier meals.

We know every person has different taste and preferences when it comes to food and place. Sodexo Food Pass offers dynamic range of food choices from restaurants, fast food to cafés.

Enjoy programs such as special discounts or free food which is only given especialy to Sodexo Food Pass users.

You can spend your very own voucher according to how you want to reward yourself:

  • Bond with your colleagues outside of your office and get to know each other more
  • After work or during weekends, you can use your Sodexo Food Pass and spend quality time with the most important people in your life.   

1. Where can I use my Sodexo Food Pass voucher?

Sodexo Food Pass accepted at over 800 outlets nationwide. For more information, you can also click on the “Sodexo Food Pass Merchant Directory” section of our website or call (021) 789 1600.

2. Is it convertible to cash?

Sodexo Food Pass is not convertible to cash. It is as good as cash that can be used in over 800 outlets nationwide.

3 What if my Sodexo Food Pass were stolen/lost/damage?

Sodexo Food Pass is just like cash. The recipient will be solely responsible for the safekeeping and proper usage of the voucher. Stolen or lost Food Pass will not be replace.

Folded Sodexo Food Pass will still be accepted as long as the security features are not damaged. However, it may cause delay of transactions. To avoid inconvenience, please do take care of your voucher.

4. What should I do when my Sodexo Food Pass voucher were denied by merchant?

All store managers are trained to handled customers who use Sodexo Food Pass or you can contact Sodexo customer services  at (021) 789 1600.


a. Always look for the Sodexo signage at merchants. For any questions, contact merchant's Manager or call (021) 789 1600.  

b. Do take care of your Sodexo Food Pass voucher. Do not staple, fold or tear off to avoid transaction denial.

c. Lost and expired Sodexo Food Pass Voucher shall not be replaced.

d. Change will not be given for transactions less than the value of the voucher.

e. Voucher may not be converted to cash.

f. Sodexo shall not be liable for any claim for every transaction in merchant.

Customer Service (021) 789 1600
24 hour service (021) 780 1859