Sodexo Gift Pass

Sodexo Gift Pass

Accepted in more than 18,000 outlets, Sodexo Gift Pass voucher offering freedom of choices for your gift preferences

When using Sodexo Gift Pass voucher, you will pleasurely enjoy what you love from food & beverages, entertainment, shopping, spa and health care with friends and colleagues.


You can choose the styles, prices and the quality of any products or services you like. Sodexo Gift Pass is accepted in more than 16,000 Sodexo merchant's outlet and famous affiliate network including: supermarket, shopping center, bookstore, fashion shop, spa, beauty salon, restaurant, etc. Sodexo Gift Pass has the validity up to more than 1 year so you can enjoy the products and services anytime in your convenient time.

1. Where can I use the Sodexo Gift Pass voucher?

Identify star image in left side of the voucher.  This star image can also be found at stikcer in the entrance of all Sodexo merchant's outlets.  For more information, you can also click on the “Gift Pass Merchant Directory” section of our website or call (021) 789 1600.

2. Does my money back if I do not spend all the Face Value stated on the voucher?

As using Sodexo Gift Pass, the money will not be refunded in case you spent under the Face Value stated on vouchers.

3. What to do if my Gift Pass vouchers are lost/stolen/damaged?

The recipient will be solely responsible for the safekeeping and proper usage of the Sodexo Gift Pass voucher. In the eventuality of loss or damage of your Gift pass voucher there will be no replacement or compensation.

4. What should I do when my Sodexo Gift Pass voucher denied by merchant?

Please help to contact with merchant's manager or contact Sodexo customer services  (021) 789 1600. GUIDE LINES FOR CONVENIENCE IN USING SODEXO GIFT PASS Voucher:

a. Always look for the Sodexo signage at merchants. For any questions, contact merchant's Manager or call (021) 789 1600.

b. Do take care of your Sodexo Gift Pass voucher. Do not staple, fold or tear off to avoid transaction denial.

c. Lost and expired Sodexo Gift Pass Voucher shall not be replaced.

d. Change will not be given for transactions less than the value of the Pass/es.

e. Passes may not be converted to cash.

f. Sodexo shall not be liable for any claim for every transaction in merchant.

Customer Service (021) 789 1600
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