Sodexo ePass

Sodexo ePass

Join Us Now in Indonesia's No. 1 Electronic Shopping Voucher Network!

Stay ahead competition, be part of our most innovative merchant network providing the only electronic voucher accepted in not just one but many well known online shopping sites and offline stores in Indonesia.

1. Increase Your Traffic

Our Sodexo ePass holders are people with extra spending power that are keen to spend their voucher immediately

2. Incremental Sales

The partnership offers an opportunity for you to enjoy incremental sales as more often than not our pass holders spend more than the value of their Sodexo ePass  when they visit our merchants’ shop. Conversely, you could also enjoy the residual value for any unused value of the pass because of our no money refund policy

3. Your Instant Sales Channel Extension

No need for additional sales force & increasing cost on campaigns, prints (e.g. leafleting) and so on. Being our partner merchant instantly gives you an additional sales channel

4. Brand Exposure

Be on top against your competitions as partnering with us gives you cutting edge in capturing additional market and brand exposure

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Did You Know

Sodexo will not just bring traffic to your establishment but people with income and ready spending power with their Sodexo Vouchers.