Sodexo Discount Pass

Sodexo Discount Pass

Your Partner in Bringing More Customers!

For businesses that promote fun and healthy  leisure activities, you now have the opportunity to join a network of businesses benefitting from a partnership with Sodexo.

Join our Sodexo Discount Card network and enjoy this privilege only for you:

  • Additional Income, Sodexo Discount Pass holders can only use the cards in affiliated merchants.

  • Bring More Customer: Sodexo Discount Card is used widely by organization for their employees/members/clients and for sure it bring more customers to the affiliated merchants.

  • Free Promotion: Sodexo will promoting your business through our extensive marketing communication

  • Easy working process: no reimbursement process needed 

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24 Hour Service (021) 780 1859

Did You Know

Sodexo will not just bring traffic to your establishment but people with income and ready spending power with their Sodexo Vouchers.