Sodexo Food Pass

Sodexo Food Pass

Your Partner in Bringing More Customers!

The Lunch Pass is a voucher specifically made for food establishments and restaurants

Sodexo bring more customers to you with these additional benefit:

  • Incremental Business
    Most of the voucher holders are having good professional background, equipping them with good purchasing power. Therefore, merchants will not only enjoy the benefit from the voucher turnover but also from extra cash spending brought by Sodexo Food Pass voucher holder.
  • Brand Exposure At Zero Cost
    Regardless any amount of voucher transaction on the merchant outlet, Sodexo Benefits and Rewards will be proactive to communicate the brand of its merchants through variety kind of promotional materials such as merchant directory, website, flyers, print advertisement, banners and etc.
  • Marketing Fee Based on Business Volume
    Sodexo Benefits and Rewards is applying commission only based on business volume brought to the merchant. There is no up-front budget need to be invested by the merchant in order to join the partnership.
  • Guaranteed Reimbursement
    Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Indonesia strongly enforces zero delay payment as its internal policy especially when dealing with the voucher payment.

1. Who is Sodexo and what it does?

Sodexo Benefits and Rewards is a multinational company with headquarter in France. For over 40 years, Sodexo has developed unique expertise  in providing innovative services for various kind of corporation regardless its size or industrial background.

Market leader by far, Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Indonesia‘s design, manage and deliver a range of motivation solutions, from Employee Benefits (Sodexo Food Pass, Sodexo Gift Pass, Sodexo Reward Pass) to Incentive & Recognition (Sodexo Gift Pass, Sodexo Reward Pass, Sodexo Promo Pass and Sodexo Discount Card) programs intended to encourage and reward performance.

2. What is a Meal Pass?

Meal Pass is a prepaid instrument issued by the Sodexo client  organisation. These passes are redeemed as a mode of payment at the Sodexo merchant outlet for food and beverage at a value equivalent to the face value of the transaction.

3How do I become a Sodexo affiliate?

Step 1: Sign the contract, merchant must provide list of their outlets  that accept payment by Sodexo Food Pass

Step 2: Sodexo will conduct a  short training course to merchant’s operator on how to recognizing and accepting Sodexo Food Pass;

Step 3: Sodexo Sticker or other Signage will be place in merchant's outlet to ease customer identification;

Step 4: If there is any unclear problems during transaction process, merchants should ask the support from Sodexo via hotline (021) 789 1600.

Step 5: Merchant will receive their reimbursement from Sodexo based on agreed schedule.

Customer Service (021) 789 1600
24 Hour Service (021) 780 1859

Did You Know

Sodexo will not just bring traffic to your establishment but people with income and ready spending power with their Sodexo Vouchers.